Yaeji Presents: Elancia


Hot 'N Spicy, Papi Juice, The Push, School Of Hard Traxx, Sublimate

1896 Studios & Stages
Yaeji Presents: ELANCIA

Game Start.

Elancia is my love letter to the parties, DJs and friends that make New York my home. When I first moved here, I was going out almost every night of the week, getting lost in the freedom of sound and expression holding space on the dancefloor. Bouncing around Brooklyn raves felt like I was playing my favorite childhood video game, Elancia—I met amazing characters, went on side quests, and learned more about myself.

The DJs on this lineup are residents and organizers of local parties that prioritize positive world building. All of my creative output as Yaeji comes from this community—they’ve allowed me to grow and have a platform. I want to celebrate the people that work hard to create these magical spaces by giving them the shine, primetime DJ slots and love that they always give to the artists they book. I’ll be joining many of them on the decks throughout the night, open to close. Elancia is about focusing on people who create spaces, showing ravers the different worlds that have been built, and hopefully inspiring new ones.

 With love,



Lineup :




Hot ‘N Spicy



Papi Juice



The Push



School of Hard Trax






Food, snacks, and treats by Kichin


Art by Ram Han


Elancia is an intentional space for all individuals to share space consciously, respectfully and without prejudice. 

Homophobic, racist, transphobic, or discriminatory behavior of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

Leering or touching people without their consent will NOT be tolerated. 

There will be an easily accessible on-site safety team to field any concerns or issues throughout the night. If someone is bothering you, they will be removed swiftly and with your discretion as a priority.

We insist that you respect these rules and each other.

Questions about Elancia? Email info@yaeji.nyc

Venue Information:
1896 Studios & Stages
592 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11237